M/Y SECRET (83 mt)

We have always found that they have completed outstanding work. They are punctual, efficient and their end product is exemplary. Based on the excellent experiences I have consistently had with them I would be pleased to recommend them throughout the industry. They have impeccable workmanship and obviously take great pride in what they do.

M/Y TAMARA RD (35mt)

One of their best qualities is the commitment that comes with all their work activities and professional challenges . I consider myself to be a picky person regarding the quality of the work done on board and I must say that the application and finish of the work have met my expectations.

M/Y Z (66 mt)

During this time we found them to be punctual, well organized and efficient in carrying out the work. Their finished product was always to the highest of standards and flawless to the keenest of eyes, including several small jobs that were taken on free of charge. The team themselves were always pleasant and enjoyable to work along side. They showed the utmost of respect to the yacht and crew, always maintaining neat, tidy and well protected workspaces and always left their equipment in a tidy manner at the end of each workday.


I have only postive things to say about them, such as dedication, interest and high standards of their work , as well as the integration into the team with which they worked.
The results achieved through hard work more than exceeded my own expectations. In addition and to finish this letter, I must say that thanks to their organisation and planning all jobs were completed in the desired time.

M/Y CV9 (39,9 mt)

All work was carefully prepared and applied while taking into consideration all the surrounding areas. All top coat is Awlgrip original polylinear-urethane that is quite difficult to work with in an "outside" environment and the results were exceptional. Even a small section that was 'passable' to the crew was redone as they were not completely satisfied, this impressed us greatly. I will certainly use their excellent and reasonably prices services again without hesitation.

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